ZClient32™ is an object oriented Windows application that provides sophisticated messaging and reporting functions. The key to this product’s success is its ease of use. The application supports Windows 95, 98, and NT4.0. ZClient32™ works within Motorola MDC and RD-LAP private data communications networks. All required interface support for the Motorola family of data radio modems is provided by ZClient32™. This means that no other laptop software is required for proper operation of the mobile workstation. This allows the end user to purchase hardware only at a significant cost saving by eliminating the need for Motorola's client software TX.

ZClient32™ is designed for today's high performance mobile computing environment. The application provides a graphical user interface, coupled with unique audio prompting features not found in other messaging applications. The application is engineered to work with existing Public Safety Mobile Data Terminal Systems, providing an enhanced user interface without requiring modifications to the existing message switch or CAD applications.

Not only does ZClient32™ provide support for the standard features found in typical data networks, the application provides significant enhancements for the benefit of the user. These enhancements are designed to minimize the learning curve and the level of interaction required on the part of the user. This is particularly important in public safety environments where an individual must respond rapidly. As an example, to every possible extent, all ZClient32™ commands are executed via a single keystroke. This simple feature will be greatly appreciated by the users. Other important features are:

  • Custom Audio prompting is provided. The application is tailored for each site to reflect the unique needs of the agency. The application provides Audio feed back to the user when events occur. For instance the application will provide the audio prompt "Message Sent" when the F1 (transmit) key is pressed. The user has complete control over the playing of audio prompts. Each of the six audio prompt categories may be enabled or disabled.

  • Audio Hit Notifications are provided. Although this could be viewed as an extension of Audio prompting, this feature alone makes ZClient32™ a unique and effective wireless messaging application. The application provides immediate Audio Alerting when significant events occur. In Police service, an officer may run a license plate. If the response returned to the officer indicates a stolen vehicle, then ZClient32™ will immediately announce " Alert! Stolen Vehicle. " This action takes place immediately upon receipt of the message by the application, even if there are other messages waiting to be viewed by the officer. Many agencies have commented on the strength of this feature.

  • The application provides the user with a graphical user interface. The user will no longer feel that they are using a character mode terminal. All of the agency’s forms are built into the application. This eliminates the need to download forms and consume radio network bandwidth. Another advantage of this approach is the ability to support user level field validations. The forms can be constructed to minimize the possibility of an inaccurate or faulty request being submitted. This will reduce unnecessary data traffic. In addition, ZClient32™ supports field level Help and Fill tables designed for use via keyboard. For example, when the user enters a field on a form that has been enabled for Help and Fill, a list box pops up providing the user with choices for the field. Incident codes, states, vehicle type, are all good candidates for a help and fill list.

  • The application provides almost unlimited storage of received messages. It is not uncommon for users to retain several thousand stored messages. Older technology made this impossible due to the length of time required to process or search previously viewed messages. With ZClient32™, the user has the necessary tools to properly manage this robust stored message queue. The user has the ability to list all messages, selectively delete messages, delete all messages, and most importantly search the entire stored message queue incrementally. For example, a police officer may have run a license plate on Monday, that is now suspected of a crime on Friday. With a partial plate provided by the dispatcher, the officer searches the stored message queue and matches the plate and description. This is a powerful tool for police work.

  • ZClient32™ also supports numerous features that allow the user to tailor the application to individual tastes. The user has the ability to select from three message screen color schemes, and the ability to select a dimmed down display for nighttime viewing. Any time the user modifies the way the application looks or feels this setting is retained when the application closes. When the application is restarted the previously saved settings are restored.

  • Custom Help and Fill Support - The Help and Fill support provided by ZClient32™ allows for the automatic creation of pop-up lists when users enter specified fields on the form. Ideal for the various codes used by Public Safety Agencies. Custom Logic Design Inc  provides a standalone application to read and write this custom support file. This allows customers to add, delete, or modify individual help and fill items for each pop up list.

  • Included with the application is a Windows based help facility. This help file fully explains the application to the user and also provides some general background information for users unfamiliar with Windows.

Screen shot

This is a graphic of a typical ZClient32™ screen. ZClient32™ has the properties of other Windows compatible applications, therefore, users become familiar with the program quickly. The format makes use easy and efficient for all types of users. A click of a button executes the desired function. The application is simple to learn and manipulate. The audio prompts along with the friendly format, gives ZClient32™ an advantage over other wireless messaging programs.

Although ZClient32™ was designed with the end user in mind, the application is also easy to install and support. Unlike other applications, which have literally hundreds of choices during set-up, ZClient32™ is designed to be installed and work! There are no INI or Registry file settings required for ZClient32™. The standard application does not require any runtime DLL's. The application is a fully self-contained executable file. The only other files distributed with the application are required to provide the audio prompting, context saving feature, and stored message queue retention. However, it is interesting to note that the application can still be used and functional without any file other than the application itself.

Other support enhancing features provides service personnel the ability to enable or disable logging between the application and the wireless data communications modem this and additional service related features are provided in order to make troubleshooting easier for service personnel.

Agencies licensing more than 100 copies of the application have the option of licensing the source code as well. Custom Logic Design Inc  will also provide software training to end-users. In addition, as the company name implies, the end user can work with the company to provide any necessary modifications or functional enhancements. These modifications are provided on a time and material basis.

Finally, Custom Logic Design Inc offers some optional products and feature sets to those users needing the enhanced capabilities. The options include the following:

  • Data ENCRYPTION - Many of the current wireless data communications used today have been hacked. To ensure the privacy of the messages delivered to mobile users, data encryption technology must be employed. Custom Logic Design Inc can provide this technology through the use of CLD's message switch technology or by working with an agency's existing switch or CAD vendor.

  • Image Technology - The ability to send and receive images can be incorporated into ZClient32™.

  • GPS Technology - Full support for GPS can be provided. GPS technology enhances officer safety and provides better information to CAD systems. Reporting can be based on many different criteria including distance traveled from last reported fix. Integrated mapping can also be part of the application. The user can see their position relative to the dispatched call.

  • Support for Magnetic Stripe readers or bar code readers is supported by the application. When a driver’s license is swiped through the reader, the information is extracted and used to populate all relevant fields in the forms. The officer can then select which queries to process by simply pressing transmit for the appropriate form. The reader can also provide authentication services to enhance security.

  • Message Switch technology - Custom Logic Design Inc can provide custom tailored message switches to support wireless data communications networks. Custom Logic Design Inc has extensive experience in the development and support of high performance message switches.

ZClient32™ software is currently in use at several large agencies with orders pending at other sites. The following list identifies some of the agencies currently using ZClient32™ software.

  • Harris County CTC (using the 16bit and 32bit versions)

  • Harris County Toll Road Authority

  • Alvin Police Department, Texas (utilizing the application under Windows NT)

  • MECA (Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency), Indianapolis

  • Marion County Sheriff’s Department

  • Indianapolis Police and Fire Departments

  • Speedway Police Department

  • Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police, Ontario Canada

  • Beach Grove Police and Fire Departments

  • Houston Fire Department